Evangelista Torricelli

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Evangelista Torricelli
Evangelista Torricelli portrayed on
the frontpage o Lezioni d'Evangelista Torricelli
Born 15 October 1608
Died 25 October 1647 (aged 39)
Florence, Grand Duchy o Tuscany
Citizenship Papal States
Kent for Barometer
Torricelli's Law
Scientific career
Fields Pheesicist,
Academic advisors Benedetto Castelli
Notable students Vincenzo Viviani
Influences Galileo Galilei

Evangelista Torricelli (Italian: [evandʒeˈlista torriˈtʃɛlli] Aboot this soondlisten ) (1608–1647) wis an Italian pheesicist an mathematician, best kent for his invention o the barometer, but is an aa kent for his advances in optics.