Eva Braun

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Eva Braun
Eva Braun walking dog.jpg
Braun in 1942
Born Eva Anna Paula Braun
6 Februar 1912(1912-02-06)
Munich, Bavarie, Germany
Died 30 Apryle 1945(1945-04-30) (aged 33)
Berlin, Germany
Cause o daith
Suicide (cyanide pushionin)
Ither names Eva Hitler
Thrift Photographer; office an lab assistant at photografie studio o Heinrich Hoffmann
Kent for Pairtner an wife o Adolf Hitler
Hauf-marrae(s) Adolf Hitler
(29 Aprile 1945 – 30 Aprile 1945)

Eva Anna Paula Hitler (née Braun; 6 Februar 1912 – 30 Aprile 1945) wis the langtime companion o Adolf Hitler an, for less nor 40 oors, his wife.