European route E16

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Coordinates: 54°59′38″N 7°19′34″W / 54.994°N 7.326°W / 54.994; -7.326

E16 shield

Route information
Lenth 1,180 km (730 mi)
Major junctions
West end Derry (Northern Ireland)
East end Gävle (Swaden)
Countries  Unitit Kinrick
Heichwey seestem
Internaitional E-road network

European route E 16 is the designation o a main wast-east road throu Northern Ireland, Scotland, Norawa an Swaden, frae Derry tae Gävle, via Belfast, Glesga, Edinburgh, previously bi ferry tae Bergen, Voss, throu the Gudvanga Tunnel an the Lærdal Tunnel (the warld's langest road tunnel), Lærdal, ower Filefjell tae Fagernes, Hønefoss, Gardermoen an Kongsvinger. In Swaden it passes Malung, Falun an ends in Gävle.[1]

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