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E15 shield

Major junctions
North endInverness (Unitit Kinrick)
Sooth endAlgeciras (Spain)
Countries Unitit Kinrick
Heichwey seestem
Internaitional E-road network

The European route E 15 is pairt o the Unitit Naitions internaitional E-road network. It is a north-sooth "reference road", runnin frae Inverness, Scotland sooth through Ingland an Fraunce tae Algeciras, Spain.[1] Alang maist o its route atween Paris an Lunnon, the road parallels the LGV Nord (as the French A1 autoroute) an Heich Speed 1 (as the Inglis M20 motorway).

Distances in this airticle are computit frae

Unitit Kinrick (987 km)[eedit | eedit soorce]

Like aw ither E-roads, the E15 is nae signed in the Unitit Kinrick. It follows the followin roads:

The E15 haes a gap at the Inglis Channel atween Dover an Calais, Fraunce. Thare is a ferry airt atween Dover an Calais. The Eurotunnel Shuttle (usin the Channel Tunnel) provides an alternative airt via Folkestone.

Fraunce (1173 km)[eedit | eedit soorce]

In Fraunce, the E15 follows the followin roads:

A26 autoroute -Calais-Saint-Omer-Béthune-Arras (Autoroute des Anglais)

A1 autoroute -Arras-Compiègne-Senlis-Aéroporte CDG (Autoroute du Nord)

A3 autoroute -Aéroport CDG-Bobigny-Paris Porte de Bagnolet

Boulevard Périphérique -Paris Porte de Bagnolet- Porte d'Italie

A6 autoroute -Paris Porte d'italie-Évry-Auxerre-Avallon-Beaune-Chalons sur Saône-Mâcon-Lyon (Autoroute du Soleil)

A7 autoroute -Lyon-Vienne-Valence-Montelimar-Orange (Autoroute du Soleil)

A9 autoroute -Orange-Nîmes-Montpellier-Béziers-Narbonne-Perpignan-Le Perthus (La Languedocienne)

Spain (1273 km)[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Autopista AP-7 pairt o the E15 in Spain

In Spain, the route follaes the followin roads:

Motorweys: AP-7

Non-motorwey roads: N-II, N-332, an N-340

The route passes throu or closely aroond the follaein major settlements:

The road at Benalmádena

GironaBarcelonaTarragonaCastellón de la PlanaValencia - AlicanteElcheMurciaAlmería - MotrilMálagaAlgeciras

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