European Broadcastin Union

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European Broadcasting Union
Union européenne de radio-télévision
European Broadcasting Union logo.svg
EBU Member Elliptic.svg
Kintras wi ane or mair members are in dark blue. Associatit members in licht blue.
Formation12 Februar 1950
TeepUnion o broadcastin organisations
HeidquartersGeneva, Swisserland
  • 72 active members
  • (frae 56 kintras)
Offeecial leid
Inglis, French
Jean-Paul Philippot[1]

The European Broadcastin Union (EBU; French: Union Européenne de Radio-télévision (UER), Inglis: European Broadcasting Union) is an alliance o public service media entities, established on the 12 Februar 1950. As o 2015, the organisation comprises seiventy-three active members in fifty-sax kintras,[2] an thirty-fower associate members frae a further twenty kintras.[3] Maist EU states are pairt o this organisation an tharefore EBU haes been subject tae supranaitional legislation an regulation.[4] It an aa hosted debates atween candidates for the European Commission presidency for the 2014 pairlamentary elections but is unrelatit tae the institution itsel.[5] It is best kent for producin the Eurovision Sang Contest.

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