Europe Ecology – The Greens

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Europe Ecology – The Greens
Europe Écologie – Les Verts
Naitional Secretar Pascal Durand
Preses o the Federal Cooncil Philippe Meirieu
Spokespersons Elise Lowy an
Jean-Philippe Magnen
Foondit 13 November 2010
Merger o The Greens an
Europe Écologie
Heidquarters 247, Rue du Faubourg
F-75010 Paris
Ideology Green politics,[1]
Social progressivism,
Poleetical poseetion Centre-left
Internaitional affiliation Global Greens
European affiliation European Greens
European Pairlament group The Greens–European
Free Alliance
Colours Green
Naitional Assembly
1 / 577
3 / 348
European Parliament
5 / 74
Presidency o Regional Copncils
0 / 17
Presidency o Depairtmental Copncils
0 / 101

Europe Ecology – The Greens (French: Europe Écologie – Les Verts French pronunciation: ​[ø.ʁɔ.pe.kɔ.lɔ.ʒi.le'vɛʁ], EELV) is a green poleetical party in Fraunce, furmed in 2010 frae the merger o The Greens an ither environmentalists, social activists an regionalists frae the Europe Écologie coalition, creatit for the 2009 European elections an 2010 regional elections.

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