Europa Island

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Europa Island

Île Europa
Banner o Europa Island
Location o the Scattered islands in the Indian Ocean. :1. Bassas da India :2. Europa Island :3. Glorioso Islands :4. Juan de Nova Island :5. Tromelin Island KM=Comoros MG=Madagascar MU=Mauritius MZ=Mozambique RE=Réunion YT=Mayotte

Europa Island (French: Île Europa) is a 28 km² law-lyin tropical island in the Mozambique Channel, aboot a third o the way frae soothren Madagascar tae soothren Mozambique. The island haes been a possession o Fraunce syne 1897, but is an aa claimed bi Madagascar. The island, garrisoned bi a detachment frae Réunion, haes a wather station an is visitit bi scientists. Tho uninhabitit, it is pairt o the "Scattered Islands" o the French Soothren an Antarctic Lands admeenistrative region. Europa Island wis the setting o a 1968 episode o "The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau"[1], pairtly focusin on the breedin habits o the green sea turtle.

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