Euphemia de Ross

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Euphemia de Ross
Euphemia de Ross.jpg
Euphemia depictit in the Forman Armorial, produced in 1562 for her descendent Mary, Queen o Scots
Queen Consort o Scotland
Tenur 1371–1386
Dee'd 1386
Spouse John Randolph, 3rd Yerl o Moray
Robert II o Scotland
m. 2 May 1355; dec. 1386
Issue David Stewart, 1st Yerl o Caithness
Walter Stewart, 1st Yerl o Atholl
Margaret Stewart
Elizabeth Stewart, Coontess o Crawford
Egidia Stewart
Faither Hugh, Yerl o Ross
Mither Margaret de Graham

Euphemia de Ross (dee'd 1386), a member o Clan Ross, wis Queen o Scots as the seicont wife o Robert II o Scotland.