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EWTN—or The Eternal Word Television Network—is a televeesion an radio operation that braidcasts Catholic religious programmin, via satellite, tradeetional braidcast televeesion, shortwave radio an the Internet.

EWTN began in 1981 an transmits 24 oor programmin tae 104 million hames in 110 kintras an 16 regions on cable, satellite, an law-power TV. EWTN offers a wide variety o Catholic themed programmin. This includes Daily Mass fae thair Irondale Monastary/Studios, Talk Shaws sic as EWTN Live an Sunday Evening Live, Daily Rosary, Benediction, lairnin programmes, enterteinment (divert)/variety shaws, bairns' programmin, live coverage o warld Catholic events sic as Bishops' conferences an Papal traivels, Muisic shaws, programmin for younkers, an mair.

In the beginnin[eedit | eedit soorce]

The foonderess o EWTN, Mother Angelica, foondit Our Lady of Angels Monastery naur Birmingham, Alabama an began developin short written releegious teachins. As thae short beuks becam mair kenspeckle, Mither Angelica's fellae nuns leukit at technologie for tae enable warldwide distribution.

Televeesion[eedit | eedit soorce]

Mither Angelica began gittin requests for spaekin engagements, whilk turnt intil a video series o her talks taped at a local Birmingham telly station. Eventually, she biggit a TV studio on monastery property in Irondale, Alabama, a suburb o Birmingham. This developed intil the warldwide braidcast centre that EWTN is nou.

Grawin & Chyngin o EWTN[eedit | eedit soorce]

EWTN signed on in Augist o 1981 wi 4 oors a day o programmin. Thaiy ran The Mass anly on Sundays. Thay makkit "Mother Angelica Live" twa nichts a week. Forby thon thay ran rerins o pre-EWTN Mother Angelica's teaching series an talks. Thay filt the rest o the tyme wi shaws made bi Catholic dioceses athort the kintra. Thay forbye ran Christian drama shaws makkit bi the Lutheran Kirk sic as "This Is Life" an "Patterns For Living", a drama shaw cried "Westbrook Hospital", a few Protestant teachin shaws that wis gree'd tae catholic preenciples, an Christian Bairns' shaws lik "Joy Junction" an "The Sunshine Factory". Naur-haund a third o the time EWTN aired secular shaws sic "Bill Cosby" (fae the late 60's), public domain picturs, twa-three ceukin shaws, an a puckle o wastern shaws.

Initially thay ran the Mass ance ivery sennicht on Sundays. In 1986 EWTN drappit the secular shaws an wis completely releegious at that pynt. In 1987 EWTN wis able tae git a Satellite Chainel fou time an gaed 24 oors a day. At this pynt thay began rinnin the Rosary daily, eikit far mair teaching shows fae athort the kintra. Thay slowly began tae produce mair o thair ain shaws.

In 1991 thay began tae run the Mass daily. Thay an aa increased production tae nearly hauf the day. Thay an aa became mair selective aboot thair programming. Thay began rejectin shaws thay felt wis "too progressive." Thay forbye drappit naur ivery non Catholic makkit shaw. Thay began mixing Latin in the daily an Sunday Mass. Mother Angelica an aa began wearing the aulder teep claedin. Thay chynged thair image tae mair o a traditional leuk an attitude which thay still hae the day. While follaein kirk teaching aw alang, in the past 15 or sae year thay hae leaned mair tradeetional as well as conservative.

Radio[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1992, EWTN established the lairgest privately owned shortwave radio station in the Birmingham aurie. The station broadcasts Catholic programming 24 oors a day in Inglis an Spaingie. In 1996, EWTN launched a free satellite-delivered AM/FM radio network tae stations warldwide, an aa in Inglis an Spaingie.

In 2004, EWTN annoonced an agreement wi Sirius Satellite Radio, which allous Sirius tae cairy EWTN programming.

News[eedit | eedit soorce]

The EWTN News department produces a daily news service for the television an radio network, featurin news soorces includin Vatican Radio.

EWTN's views on non-Catholics[eedit | eedit soorce]

EWTN hauds strict tae the lear o the Roman Catholic Kirk, sicwice its conceits o nane-Catholic bodies or organisations wad reflect the Kirks's threap on sic maiters. Thay deed believe that Protestants, Orthodox, an non-Christians can an aft dae win salvation foondit on whit thay ken an unnerstaund, tho thay affirm that aw nane-Catholics lacks the hail truith. For mair anent this, see the pairt on Salvation in the airticle anent the Catholic Kirk. EWTN haes a negative view o progressive Catholics that thay tak tae be "Cafeteria Catholics". Mair oot ower thay hae a great disdain for Catholics that disna accept aw the Kirk's teachins.

EWTN haes aye hauden tae the teachins o the Roman Catholic Kirk but at the ootset thay wis gey inclusive an ecumenical in thair foremaist years. In thair programmin thay aye leant tae findin common grund wi ither Christians. Thay ran a braid variety o Catholic produced programmin frae sindry Roman Catholic soorces. This reenged frae Charismatic Muivement programmin sic as Faither Michael Manning tae shaws focusin on social reform an juistice lik Christopher Closeup tae teachin shaws hostit bi sindry priests an bishops some o thir wis on the progressive side. Whan thay haed tae program 24 oor a day an wis wantin the resoorces for tae mak thair ain shaws thay teuk shaws thay wadna e'en conseeder the day. The Mass thay ran wis haily in Inglis an aw.

In the early 1990s EWTN begoud tae produce mair o thair ain shaws. Thay begoud tae rin the Mass ilka day. Thair conceits begoud tae cheenge in response tae progressive conceits athin the Kirk. Thay begous preachin agin "relativism" as weel as fowk that didna follae The Kirk's teachins. Thay begoud tae shaw disdain tae the wey Mass wis bein celebrate in sindry pairishes. Thay argied that mony kirks nae langer celebratit the Mass in a reverent mainer. As an affcome thay begoud tae mixter-maxterin Laitin inta thair ain Masses. Thay still celebratit the Novus Ordo Mass but a few common prayers wad be said in Laitin. Thay cuttit the hymns tae juist the openin an closin sangs an aw. In atween thay uised Gregorian Chant. Mony o thir cheenges reflects the actual instructions o the Seicont Vatican Cooncil, set in the constitution on the liturgy "Sacrosanctum Concilium".

At this pynt Mither Angelica an her order o nuns swappit thair cleidin tae the pre-Vatican II tradeetional habit an aw.

Programming[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Mother Angelica Live
  • Daily Mess
  • Life on the Rock with Fr. Francis Mary, MFVA
  • EWTN Live wi Fr. Mitch Pacwa SJ
  • The Journey Home with Marcus Grodi
  • The Warld Ower wi Raymond Arroyo - News
  • Web Of Faith - Father John Trigilio & Father Robert Levis
  • G K Chesterton an Apostle of Common Sense - Dale Aquest
  • Household Of Faith Nou We're Catholic - Christie Franklin & Barbara Moss
  • Abundant Life - Catholic Answers
  • Rosary - Mother Angelica & The Nuns
  • Benediction - From Hanceville
  • Does The Kirk Still Teach This? - Father Shannon Collins FME
  • Sunday Night Live - Father Benedict Groeshel
  • Threshold Of Hope - Father Mitch Pacwa SJ

The netwirk forbye airs coverage o Kirk events warldwide, documentaries, muisic specials, the Rosary, an ither devotional segments.

Fremmit Airtins[eedit | eedit soorce]