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This article is aboot the Greek letter. For ither uises, see ETA (disambiguation).
Eta uc lc.svg
Greek alphabet
Αα Alpha Νν Nu
Ββ Beta Ξξ Xi
Γγ Gamma Οο Omicron
Δδ Delta Ππ Pi
Εε Epsilon Ρρ Rho
Ζζ Zeta Σσς Sigma
Ηη Eta Ττ Tau
Θθ Theta Υυ Upsilon
Ιι Iota Φφ Phi
Κκ Kappa Χχ Chi
Λλ Lambda Ψψ Psi
Μμ Mu Ωω Omega
Archaic local variants
  • Digamma
  • Heta
  • San
  • Tsan
  • Koppa
  • Sampi
ϛ (6)
ϟ (90)
ϡ (900)
In ither leids
Scienteefic seembols

Eta (uppercase Η, lawercase η; Greek: Ήτα Ēta) is the seivent letter o the Greek alphabet. Oreeginally denotin a consonant /h/, its soond value in the classical Attic dialect o Auncient Greek wis a lang vowel [ɛː], raised tae [i] in medieval Greek, a process kent as iotacism.

In the seestem o Greek numerals it haes a value o 8. It wis derivit frae the Phoenicie letter heth Phoenician heth.svg. Letters that arose frae Eta include the Laitin H an the Cyrillic letter И.

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