Essex larrie daiths

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Essex larrie daiths
2019 Grays incident map.png
The location whaur the bouks war diskivert in Essex
Date23 October 2019
Time01:40 BST (UTC+1)
LocationGrays, Essex, Unitit Kinrick
Coordinates51°28′44″N 0°16′24″E / 51.4789°N 0.2733°E / 51.4789; 0.2733Coordinates: 51°28′44″N 0°16′24″E / 51.4789°N 0.2733°E / 51.4789; 0.2733

On 23 October 2019, the bouks 39 Vietnamese naitionals war foond in the conteener o a larrie in Grays, Essex, Ingland. The larrie, registered in Bulgarie, haed traivelled throu Belgium afore arrivin in the Unitit Kinrick at Purfleet. Thay are thocht tae hae been smuggled aither as migrants or in human traffeckin.