Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

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Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Kirchner 1919 portrait.jpg
Photographic sel-portrait 1919
BornErnst Ludwig Kirchner
6 Mey 1880(1880-05-06)
Aschaffenburg, German Empire
Died15 Juin 1938(1938-06-15) (aged 58)
Frauenkirch-Wildboden, Swisserland
Cause o daith
EddicationKönigliche Technische Hochschule
Kent forPentin an prentmakkin
SignaturKirchner autograph.png

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (6 Mey 1880 – 15 Juin 1938) wis a German expressionist penter an prentmakker an ane o the foonders o the airtists group Die Brücke or "The Brig", a key group leadin tae the foondation o Expressionism in 20t-century airt.