Ermengarde de Beaumont

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Ermengarde de Beaumont
Queen consort o Scotland
Tenur1186 - 1214
Bornc. 1170
Dee'd(1233-02-12)12 Februar 1233
BuirialBalmerino Aibey, Fife, Scotland
SpouseWilliam I o Scotland
m. 1186; wid. 1214
IssueMargaret, Coontess o Kent
Isabella, Coontess o Norfolk
Alexander II, Keeng o Scots
Marjorie, Coontess o Pembroke
FaitherRichard I, Viscount de Beaumont-le-Vicomte, de Fresnay et de Ste-Suzanne
MitherLucie de l'Aigle

Ermengarde de Beaumont (c. 1170 – 11 Februar 1233/1234) wis Queen o Scotland as the wife o Keeng William I. She is reportit tae hae exertit influence ower the affairs o state as queen, tho the information o her is lackin in detail.