Eritrea at the 2012 Simmer Olympics

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Eritrea at the
2012 Simmer Olympics
Flag of Eritrea.svg
NOCEritrean Naitional Olympic Committee
in Lunnon
Competitors12 in 2 sports
Banner beirerWeynay Ghebresilasie (openin)
Zersenay Tadese (closin)
Gold Silver Bronze Total
0 0 0 0
Simmer Olympics appearances
Ither relatit appearances
 Ethiopie (1956–1992)

Eritrea competit at the 2012 Simmer Olympics in Lunnon, frae 27 Julie tae 12 August 2012. This wis the naition's fowerth appearance at the Olympics.

Eritrean Naitional Olympic Committee sent a tot o 12 athletes tae the Gemmes, 11 men an 1 woman, tae compete anly in athletics an road cyclin, the first for the naition. Marathon runner Yonas Kifle haed competit at every Olympic gemmes syne its naitional debut in Sydney, an wis the auldest member o the contingent, at age 35. Steeplechase runner Weynay Ghebresilasie, the youngest o the team, at age 18, wis Eritrea's banner bearer at the openin ceremony. For the seicont straicht time, Eritrea failed tae win a single Olympic medal at the Lunnon gemmes.

Athletics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Eritrean athletes hae sae far achieved qualifyin staundarts in the followin athletics events (up tae a maximum o 3 athletes in each event at the 'A' Staundart, an 1 at the 'B' Staundart):[1][2]

  • Note–Ranks gien for track events are within the athlete's heat anly
  • Q = Qualified for the next roond
  • q = Qualified for the next roond as a fastest loser or, in field events, bi poseetion withoot achievin the qualifyin target
  • NR = Naitional record
  • N/A = Roond nae applicable for the event
  • Bye = Athlete nae required tae compete in roond

Athlete Event Heat Semifinal Final
Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank
Teklit Teweldebrhan 1500 m 3:42.88 13 Did nae advance
Abrar Osman Adem 5000 m 13:24.40 11 N/A Did nae advance
Teklemariam Medhin DNS N/A Did nae advance
Amanuel Mesel 13:48.13 16 N/A Did nae advance
Teklemariam Medhin 10000 m N/A 27:34.76 7
Zersenay Tadese N/A 27:33.51 6
Nguse Tesfaldet N/A 27:56.78 15
Weynay Ghebresilasie 3000 m steeplechase 8:37.57 10 N/A Did nae advance
Yared Asmerom Marathon N/A 2:15:24 19
Yonas Kifle N/A 2:21:25 58
Samuel Tsegay N/A DNF
Athlete Event Final
Result Rank
Rehaset Mehari Marathon 2:35:49 59

Cyclin[eedit | eedit soorce]

Currently, Eritrea haes qualified ane cyclist for the Gemmes. It marks the first time Eritrea will compete in a sport ither than athletics[3][4]

Road[eedit | eedit soorce]

Athlete Event Time Rank
Daniel Teklehaymanot Men's road race 5:46:37 73

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