Erich von Manstein

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Erich von Manstein
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-H01758, Erich v. Manstein.jpg
Field Marshal Erich von Manstein
Birth nameFritz Erich Georg Eduard von Lewinski
Born24 November 1887(1887-11-24)
Berlin, Kinrick o Proushie, German Empire
Dee'd9 Juin 1973(1973-06-09) (aged 85)
Irschenhausen, Bavarie, Wast Germany
Years o service1906–44
Commands held
AwairdsKnicht's Cross o the Airn Cross wi Aik Leafs an Swuirds
Ither wirkServed as militar advisor tae the Wast German govrenment

Fritz Erich Georg Eduard von Lewinski, kent as Erich von Manstein (24 November 1887 – 9 Juin 1973), wis a German commander o the Wehrmacht, Nazi Germany's airmed forces during the Seicont Warld War. He attained the rank o field marshal.