Episcopal Kirk (Uniteit States)

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The Episcopal Kirk
Shield of the US Episcopal Church.svg
The arms of the Episcopal Church includes both a St George's Cross and a St. Andrew's cross composed of nine cross crosslets
Polity Episcopal
Pairishes 6,970 (2017)
Heidquarters 815 Second Avenue
New York, New York
Unitit States
Oreegin 1785
Members 1,735,652 communicant members and 1,905,349 active baptized members (2017)[1]
1,745,156 active baptized members in the U.S.[1]
Offeecial wabsteid www.episcopalchurch.org

The Episcopal Kirk is a member krik o the wurldwide Anglican Communion bastit in the Unitit States wi dioceses elsewhaur. It is a mainline Christian denomination dividit intae nine stewarties. The presidin beeshop o the Episcopal Kirk is Michael Bruce Curry, the first African-American beeshop tae ser in that poseetion.

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