Epimetheus (muin)

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PIA09813 Epimetheus S. polar region.jpg
As eemaged bi Cassini on 3 December 2007
Discovered biRichard Walker
Discovery date18 December 1966
Orbital chairactereestics[1]
Epoch 31 December 2003 (JD 2453005.5)
151410±10 km
0.694333517 d
Inclination0.351°±0.004° tae Saturn's equator
Satellite oSaturn
Pheesical chairacteristics
Dimensions129.8 × 114 × 106.2 km [2]
Mean radius
58.1±1.8 km[2]
Vollum≈ 780000 km3
Mass(5.266±0.006)×1017 kg[2]
Mean density
0.640±0.062 g/cm³[2]
0.0064–0.011 m/s²[2]
≈ 0.035 km/s
Albedo0.73±0.03 (geometric) [3]
Temperatur≈ 78 K

Epimetheus is an inner satellite o Saturn.

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