Enver Hoxha

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Enver Hoxha
HODŽA druhá míza.jpg
Hoxha in 1971
First Secretary o the Pairty o Labour o Albanie
In office
8 November 1941 – 11 Aprile 1985
Succeedit bi Ramiz Alia
Personal details
Born 16 October 1908(1908-10-16)
Ergiri (the day Gjirokastër), Janina Vilayet, Ottoman Empire
Dee'd 11 Apryle 1985(1985-04-11) (aged 76)
Tirana, Socialist Fowkrepublic o Albanie
Naitionality Albanie
Poleetical pairty Pairty o Labour o Albanie
Spoose(s) Nexhmije Hoxha
Bairns Ilir Hoxha
Sokol Hoxha
Pranvera Kolaneci
Religion Nane (atheist)

Enver Halil Hoxha (pronooncit [ɛnˈvɛɾ ˈhɔdʒa] ( listen); 16 October 1908 – 11 Aprile 1985) wis the leader o Albanie frae the end o Warld War II till his daith in 1985, as the First Secretary o the Party o Labour o Albanie. He servit as Prime Meenister o Albanie frae 1944 tae 1954 an aw, Meenister o Defence frae 1944 tae 1953, Meenister o Foreign Affairs frae 1946 tae 1953, Chairman o the Democratic Front frae 1945 tae his daith, an as Commander-in-Chief o the Albanie airmit forces frae 1944 tae his daith.

Hoxha's leadership wis characterisit bi his proclaimit firm adherence tae anti-reveesionist Marxist-Leninism frae the mid 1970s onwards. Efter his break wi Maoism in the 1976–1978 period, numerous Maoist pairties declared thairsels Hoxhaist. The Internaitional Conference o Marxist-Leninist Pairties an Organizations (Unity & Struggle) is the maist well kent collection o thir pairties the day.