Entertainment Weekly

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Entertainment Weekly
EW-Issue 1-Feb1990.jpg
Volume 1, Number 1 (Februar 16, 1990), cover featurin sangster k.d. lang
EeditorHenry Goldblatt[1]
Umwhile eeditorsRick Tetzeli, Jess Cagle, Matt Bean
Tot circulation
1.8 million[2]
FoonderDavid Morris
First issueFebruar 16, 1990; 30 years ago (1990-02-16)
CompanyTime Inc.
KintraUnitit States
Based inNew York Ceety
OCLC number21114137

Entertainment Weekly (whiles abbreviatit as EW) is an American magazine, published bi Time Inc., that covers film, televeesion, muisic, Broadway theatre, beuks an popular cultur.

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