Empire o Trebizond

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Empire o Trebizond

Empire o Trebizond (violet) an surroondin states in 1300
Empire o Trebizond (violet) an surroondin states in 1300
StatusSuccessor o the Byzantine Empire
Common leidsGreek (offeecial)
Settled minorty:
Laz, Wastren Armenie
Eastern Orthodoxy
GovrenmentAbsolute monarchy
• 1204–1222
Alexios I
• 1459–1461
Historical eraLate Medieval
• Established
• Disestablished
August 15 1461
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Byzantium unner the Angeloi
Trebizond Eyalet
Gazaria (Genoese colonies)
Principality o Theodoro
1 the full teetle o the Trapezuntine emperors efter 1261 wis "the faithfu Basileus an Autokrator o Aw the East, the Iberians an Perateia"

The Empire o Trebizond or the Trapezuntine Empire was a monarchy that flourished during the 13th through 15th centuries, consisting of the far northeastern corner of Anatolie an the soothren Crimea.

Coordinates: 41°00′23″N 39°43′50″E / 41.0064°N 39.7306°E / 41.0064; 39.7306