Emperor o Cheenae

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Emperor o Cheenae
Qin Shi Huang ("First Emperor o Qin")
StyleHis Majesty (陛下)
First monarchQin Shi Huang
Last monarchPuyi (de facto)
Yuan Shikai (de jure)
Formation221 BC
Aboleetion12 Februar 1912
22 March 1916 (Empire o Cheenae)
12 Julie 1917 (Manchu Restoration)
ResidenceVaries accordin tae dynasty, maist recently the Forbidden Ceety in Beijing

The Emperor or Huangdi (Cheenese: 皇帝; pinyin: Aboot this soondHuángdì) wis the secular imperial teetle of the Cheenese sovereign ringin atween the foondin o the Qin dynasty that unifee'd Cheenae in 221 BC, till the abdication o Puyi in 1912 follaein the Xinhai Revolution.