Emperor Xuanzong o Tang

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Tang Xuanzong
Tang XianZong.jpg
Emperor o the Tang dynasty
RingSeptember 713[1][2] – 12 August 756[3][4]
PredecessorEmperor Ruizong
SuccessorEmperor Suzong
Born8 September 685[5]
Dee'd3 Mey 762(762-05-03) (aged 76)[6]
Full name
Faimily name: Lǐ (李)
Gien name: Longji (隆基)
Era dates
Xiāntiān (先天) 712–713
Kāiyuán (開元) 713–741
Tiānbǎo (天寶) 742–756
Posthumous name
Short: Emperor Ming (明皇)[7]
Full: Emperor Zhidao Dasheng Daming Xiao (至道大聖大明孝皇帝)
Temple name
Xuánzōng (玄宗)
HooseTang (唐)
FaitherEmperor Ruizong o Tang
MitherConsort Dou

Emperor Xuanzong o Tang (8 September 685[5][8] – 3 Mey 762[6]), an aw commonly kent as Emperor Ming o Tang or Illustrious August, personal name Li Longji, an aw kent as Wu Longji (Cheenese: 武隆基) frae 690 tae 705,[9] wis the seivent emperor o the Tang dynasty in Cheenae, ringin frae 713 tae 756 C.E. His ring o 43 years wis the langest in the Tang dynasty. In the early hauf o his ring he wis a diligent an astute ruler. Ably assistit bi capable chancellors lik Yao Chong, Song Jing an Zhang Yue, he wis creditit wi bringin Tang Cheenae tae a pinnacle o cultur an pouer. Emperor Xuanzong, houiver, wis blamed for ower-trustin Li Linfu, Yang Guozhong an An Lushan in his late ring, wi Tang's gowden age endin in the Anshi Rebellion.[10]

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