Emperor Wu o Jin

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This is a Cheenese name; the faimlie name is Sima.
Sima Yan
Jin Wu Di.jpg
Emperor o the Jin Dynasty
Ring 8 Februar 266 – 16 Mey 290
Successor Emperor Hui o Jin
Keeng o Jin (晉王)
Tenur 7 September[1] 265 - 8 Februar 266
Predecessor Sima Zhao
Regent o Cao Wei
Tenur 7 September 265 - 8 Februar 266
Predecessor Sima Zhao
Born 236
Dee'd 16 Mey 290(290-05-16) (aged 53–54) [2]
Full name
Faimily name: Sima (Cheenese: 司馬; pinyin: sī mǎ)
Gien name: Yan (Cheenese: ; pinyin: yán)
Posthumous name
Wu (Cheenese: ; pinyin: ),
leeterar meanin: "martial"
Temple name
Shizu (Cheenese: 世祖; pinyin: shì zǔ)
Faither Sima Zhao
Mither Wang Yuanji

Emperor Wu o Jin (simplifeed Cheenese: 晋武帝; traditeeonal Cheenese: 晉武帝; pinyin: Jìn Wǔ Dì; Wade–Giles: Chin Wu-ti; 236 – 16 Mey 290), personal name Sima Yan (Cheenese: 司馬炎; pinyin: Sīmǎ Yán), coortesy name Anshi (安世), wis the grandson o Sima Yi an son o Sima Zhao. He becam the first emperor o the Jin dynasty efter forcin Cao Huan, last ruler o the state o Cao Wei, tae abdicate tae him. He ringed frae 266 tae 290, an efter conquerin the state o Eastren Wu in 280, wis the emperor o a unifee'd Cheenae. Emperor Wu wis kent for his extravagance an sensuality, especially efter the unification o Cheenae; leegends boastit o his incredible potency amang ten thoosand concubines.

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