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Emperor Wu o Han

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Emperor Wu o Han
Emperor o theHan dynasty
Ring9 March 141 BC – 29 March 87 BC
PredecessorEmperor Jing
SuccessorEmperor Zhao
BornChang'an, Han Empire
Dee'd29 Mairch 87 BC (aged 69)
Chang'an, Han Empire
BuirialMaoling, Xianyang, Shaanxi Province, Cheenae
EmpressEmpress Chen Jiao (陳嬌)
Empress Wei Zifu (衛子夫)
IssuePrincess Wei the Eldest (衛長公主)
Princess Zhuyi (諸邑公主)
Princess Shiyi (石邑公主)
Liu Ju, Crown Prince Li (戾太子劉據)
Liu Bo, Prince Ai of Changyi (昌邑哀王劉髆)
Liu Hong, Prince Huai of Qi (齊懷王劉閎)
Liu Dan, Prince La of Yan (燕刺王劉旦)
Liu Xu, Prince Li of Guangling (廣陵厲王劉胥)
Liu Fuling, Emperor Zhao (昭帝劉弗陵)
Full name
Faimily name: Liu (劉)
Gien name: Che[a] (徹)
Coortesy name: Tong[1] (通)
Era dates
Jiànyuán 建元 (140 BC – 135 BC)
Yuánguāng 元光 (134 BC – 129 BC)
Yuánshuò 元朔(128 BC – 123 BC)
Yuánshòu 元狩 (122 BC – 117 BC)
Yuándĭng 元鼎 (116 BC – 111 BC)
Yuánfēng 元封 (110 BC – 105 BC)
Tàichū 太初 (104 BC – 101 BC)
Tiānhàn 天漢 (100 BC – 97 BC)
Tàishĭ 太始 (96 BC – 93 BC)
Zhēnghé 征和 (92 BC – 89 BC)
Hòuyuán 後元 (88 BC – 87 BC)
Posthumous name
Short: Emperor Wu[b] (武帝) "mairtial"
Full: Xiao Wu Huangdi[c] (孝武皇帝) "filial an mairtial"
Temple name
Shizong (世宗)
DynastyWastren Han
FaitherEmperor Jing o Han
MitherEmpress Wang Zhi (王娡)
Emperor Wu o Han
Traditional Chinese漢武帝
Simplified Chinese汉武帝
Leeteral meanin"The Mairtial Emperor o Han"
Alternative Cheenese name
Traditional Chinese劉徹
Simplified Chinese刘彻
Leeteral meanin(personal name)

Emperor Wu o Han (30 Juin 156 BC – 29 Mairch 87 BC), born Liu Che, coortesy name Tong, wis the seivent emperor o the Han dynasty o Cheenae, rulin frae 141–87 BC.[3]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Haed his name cheenged intae the mair suitable Che whan he wis offeecially made croun prince in Apryle 150 BC.
  2. Leeterally meanin "mairtial".
  3. Leeterally meaning "filial an mairtial".

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. This coortesy name is reportit bi Xun Yue (148–209),
    the author o the
    Annals o Han (漢紀), but ither soorces
    dae nae mention a coortesy name.
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