Emperor Taizong o Tang

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Tang Taizong
Emperor o the Tang dynasty
Ring 4 September 626 – 10 July 649
Predecessor Emperor Gaozu
Successor Emperor Gaozong
Born 28 Januar 598[1]
Qingshan Pailace[2] in Wugong,[3] Sui China
Dee'd 10 Julie 649 (aged 51)[4]
Cuiwei Pailace in Chang'an, Tang Cheenae
Buirial Zhao Mausoleum
Full name
Faimily name: Li (李)
Gien name: Shimin (世民)
Era name and dates
Zhenguan (貞觀): 4 September 626 – 10 July 649
Posthumous name
Short: Wen Huangdi (文皇帝)
Full: Wen Wu Dasheng Daguang Xiao Huangdi[lower-alpha 1]
文武大聖大廣孝皇帝[lower-alpha 2]
Temple name
Taizong (太宗)
Hoose Hoose o Li
Faither Emperor Gaozu o Tang
Mither Duchess Dou
Tang Taizong
Cheenese 唐太宗
Leeteral meanin "Great Ancestor of the Tang"
Qin Wang
Cheenese 秦王
Leeteral meanin Prince of Qin
Li Shimin
Cheenese 李世民
Leeteral meanin (personal name)

Emperor Taizong o Tang (28 Januar 598  – 10 Julie 649), previously Prince o Qin, personal name Li Shimin, wis the seicont emperor o the Tang dynasty o Cheenae, rulin frae 626 tae 649.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Gien in feenal version as o 754.
  2. [Aboot this soondListen ]

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