Emperor Taizong o Tang

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Tang Taizong
Emperor o the Tang dynasty
Ring4 September 626 – 10 July 649
PredecessorEmperor Gaozu
SuccessorEmperor Gaozong
Born28 Januar 598[1]
Qingshan Pailace[2] in Wugong,[3] Sui China
Dee'd10 Julie 649 (aged 51)[4]
Cuiwei Pailace in Chang'an, Tang Cheenae
BuirialZhao Mausoleum
Full name
Faimily name: Li (李)
Gien name: Shimin (世民)
Era name and dates
Zhenguan (貞觀): 4 September 626 – 10 July 649
Posthumous name
Short: Wen Huangdi (文皇帝)
Full: Wen Wu Dasheng Daguang Xiao Huangdi[a]
Temple name
Taizong (太宗)
HooseHoose o Li
FaitherEmperor Gaozu o Tang
MitherDuchess Dou
Tang Taizong
Leeteral meanin"Great Ancestor of the Tang"
Qin Wang
Leeteral meaninPrince of Qin
Li Shimin
Leeteral meanin(personal name)

Emperor Taizong o Tang (28 Januar 598  – 10 Julie 649), previously Prince o Qin, personal name Li Shimin, wis the seicont emperor o the Tang dynasty o Cheenae, rulin frae 626 tae 649.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Gien in feenal version as o 754.
  2. [Aboot this soondListen ]

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