Emperor Jimmu

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Tennō Jimmu detail 01.jpg
Emperor o Japan
Ring Februar 11, 660 BCE – Aprile 9, 585 BCE (meethic)
Successor Suizei
Born Februar 13, 711 BCE (meethic)
Dee'd Aprile 9, 585 BCE (aged 126) (meethic)
Buirial Unebi-yama no ushitora no sumi no misasagi (畝傍山東北陵) (Kashihara, Nara) (mythic)
Spouse Ahiratsu-hime
Issue Tagishimimi-no-mikoto
Emperor Suizei
Faither Ugayafukiaezu
Mither Tamayori-bime

Emperor Jimmu (神武天皇, Jinmu-tennō) wis the first emperor o Japan, accordin tae legend. His accession is tradeetionally datit as 660 BCE.[1][2][3]

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