Emperor Gaozu o Tang

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Tang Gaozu
Emperor o the Tang dynasty
Ring18 Juin 618[lower-alpha 1] – 4 September 626[lower-alpha 2]
PredecessorDynasty foonder
SuccessorEmperor Taizong
Born7 Apryle 566
Chang'an, Northren Zhou
Dee'd25 Juin 635 (aged 69)
Da'an Palace, Chang'an, Tang Empire.
Full name
Li Yuan 李淵
Era dates
Wude (武德)
Posthumous name
Short: Emperor Shenyao[lower-alpha 3] (神堯皇帝)
Full: Emperor Shényáo Dàshèng Dàguāng Xiào.[lower-alpha 4]
Temple name
Gaozu (高祖)
HooseHoose o Li
FaitherDuke Ren of Tang
MitherDuchess Dugu

Emperor Gaozu of Tang (7 Apryle 566 – 25 Juin 635), born Li Yuan, coortesy name Shude, wis the foonder o the Tang Dynasty o Cheenae, an the first emperor o this dynasty frae 618 tae 626.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Wis awready in control of Chang'an an de facto ruler o wastren Cheenae syne December 12, 617
  2. Abdicatit in favour o his son, an wis honoured wi the teetle Taishang Huang, a teetle reserved for reteert emperors.
  3. Gien in 674.
  4. Gien in 754.