Emperor Gaozong o Tang

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Tang Gaozong
Gaozong of Tang.jpg
Emperor o the Tang dynasty
Ring15 Julie 649 – 27 December 683 (Aw wi Wu Zetian)
Coronation15 Julie 649
PredecessorEmperor Taizong
SuccessorEmperor Zhongzong
RegentEmpress Zetian
Born21 Julie 628
Lizheng Pailace in Chang'an, Tang Cheenae
Dee'd27 December 683(683-12-27) (aged 55)
Zhenguan Pailac in Luoyang, Tang Cheenae
ConsortsLeddy Wang o Taiyuan
(m. 643; dep. 655)
Empress Zetian (m. 651–683)
IssueLi Zhong
Li Xiao
Li Shangjin
Li Sujie
Li Hong
Li Xian
Emperor Zhongzong o Tang
Emperor Ruizong o Tang
Princess Jincheng
Princess Gao'an
Princess Taiping
Full name
Faimily name: Li (李)
Birth name (小名): Zhinu (雉奴)
Gien name (大名): Zhi (治)
Coortesy name (字): Weishan (為善)
Posthumous name
Short: Great Emperor Tianhuang[1]
Full: Emperor Tianhuang Dasheng
Dahong Xiao[2]
Temple name
Gaozong (高宗)
HooseHoose o Li
FaitherEmperor Taizong o Tang
MitherEmpress Zhangsun
Tang Gaozong
Leeteral meanin"High Ancestor of the Tang"
Li Zhi
Leeteral meanin(personal name)

Emperor Gaozong of Tang (21 Julie 628[3] – 27 December 683[4]), personal name Li Zhi, wis the third emperor o the Tang dynasty in Cheenae, rulin frae 649 tae 683 (awtho efter Januar 665 muckle o the governance wis in the haunds o his seicont wife Empress Wu, later kent as Wu Zetian).

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