Emperor Cheng o Han

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Han Chengdi
Emperor Cheng of Han, Northern Wei painted screen.jpg
Emperor Cheng ridin a palanquin, Northren Wei pentit screen (5t century)
Emperor o the Han Dynasty
Ring33 – 7 BC
PredecessorEmperor Yuan o Han
SuccessorEmperor Ai o Han
Born51 BC
Chang'an, Han Empire
Dee'd17 Apryle 7 BC (aged 44)
Chang'an, Han Empire
Full name
Faimily name: Liu ()
Gien name: Ao ()
Posthumous name: Xiaocheng (孝成) "filial an successfu"
Posthumous name: Cheng () "successfu"
HooseHan dynasty
Emperor Cheng o Han
Traditional Chinese漢成帝
Simplified Chinese汉成帝
Leeteral meaninThe Accomplished Emperor o Han
Alternative Cheenese name
Traditional Chinese劉驁
Simplified Chinese刘骜
Leeteral meanin(personal name)

Emperor Cheng o Han (51 BC – 17 Apryle 7 BC) wis an emperor o the Cheenese Han Dynasty rulin frae 33 till 7 BC.