Emmanuel Henri de Noailles, Marquis o Noailles

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Emmanuel Henri de Noailles
Marquis o Noailles
Emmanuel-Henri-Victurnien-Marquis de noailles-crop.jpg
Photograph o the Marquis o Noailles.
Full name
Emmanuel Henri Victurnien de Noailles
BornSeptember 15 1830
Maintenon, Fraunce
Dee'dFebruar 16 1909 (aged 78)
Paris, Fraunce
FaitherPaul de Noailles
MitherVicturnienne de Rochechouart
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Emmanuel Henri de Noailles, Marquis o Noailles (Emmanuel Henri Victurnien; September 15 1830 – Februar 16 1909), wis a French diplomat, historian an literary critic, the second son o Paul de Noailles. The Marquis o Noailles served as envoy tae the United States in 1872, and wis ambassador tae Italy in 1873, tae the Ottoman Empire frae 1882 until 1886 an tae Germany frae 1896 tae 1902. He wis a son o Paul de Noailles, Duke o Noailles an his wife Victurnienne de Rochechouart. He niver mairit an haed nae childer.

Works[eedit | eedit soorce]

He wrote several works on Poland, including:

  • La Pologne et ses frontières (Poland and Its Borders, 1863),
  • La Poésie polonaise (Polish Poetry, 1866),
  • Henri de Valois et la Pologne en 1572 (Henri de Valois and Poland in 1572, 1867).