Emil Jannings

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Emil Jannings
Bundesarchiv Bild 102-07770, Berlin, Rückkehr Emil Jannings aus Amerika.jpg
Oscar winner Jannings back in Berlin, May 1929
Born Theodor Friedrich Emil Janenz
23 Julie 1884(1884-07-23)
Rorschach, Swisserland
Died 2 Januar 1950(1950-01-02) (aged 65)
Strobl, Austrick
Cause o daith
Liver cancer
Thrift Actor
Years active 1914–1945
Hauf-marrae(s) Hanna Ralph (m. 1919–1921)
Lucie Höflich
Gussy Holl (m. 1923–1950)

Emil Jannings (23 Julie 1884 – 2 Januar 1950) wis a German actor, popular in 1920s Hollywood. He wis the first Oscar recipient, honoured wi the Academy Awaird for Best Actor at the 1929 ceremony. Tae date, he is still the anly German tae hae wan the Best Actor Oscar.