Emerson Fittipaldi

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Emerson Fittipaldi
Emerson Fittipaldi.jpg
Fittipaldi in 2008
Born (1946-12-12) 12 December 1946 (age 72)
São Paulo, Brazil
Formula Ane Warld Championship career
Naitionality Brazil Brazilian
Active years 19701980
Teams Lotus, McLaren, Fittipaldi Automotive
Entries 149 (144 starts)
Championships 2 (1972, 1974)
Wins 14
Podiums 35
Career pynts 281
Powl poseetions 6
Festest laps 6
First entry 1970 Breetish Grand Prix
First win 1970 Unitit States Grand Prix
Last win 1975 Breetish Grand Prix
Last entry 1980 Unitit States Grand Prix

Emerson Fittipaldi (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈɛmeɾson fitʃiˈpawdʒi]; born December 12, 1946) is a semi-retired Brazilian automobile racin driver wha won baith the Formula Ane Warld Championship an the Indianapolis 500 twice each an the CART championship ance.