Ellesmere Island

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Ellesmere Island
Native name: Umingmak Nuna
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Ellesmere Island, Canada.svg
LocationNorthern Canada
Coordinates79°50′N 78°00′W / 79.833°N 78.000°W / 79.833; -78.000 (Ellesmere Island)
AirchipelagaeQueen Elizabeth Islands
Aurie196,235 km2 (75,767 sq mi)
Aurie rank10t
Lenth830 km (516 mi)
Weenth645 km (400.8 mi)
Heichest elevation2,616 m (8,583 ft)
Heichest pointBarbeau Peak
Pop. density0.00097 /km2 (0.00251 /sq mi)

Ellesmere Island (Inuit: Umingmak Nuna, meanin "land o Muskox")[1] is pairt o the Qikiqtaaluk Region o the Canadian territory o Nunavut. Lyin within the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, it is considered pairt o the Queen Elizabeth Islands, wi Cape Columbie bein the maist northerly pynt o land in Canadae. It comprises an aurie o 196,235 km2 (75,767 sq mi) an the tot length o the island is 830 kilometres (520 mi), makin it the warld's tent lairgest island an Canadae's third lairgest island. The Arctic Cordillera muntain seestem covers much o Ellesmere Island, makin it the maist muntainous in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. The Arctic willow is the anly widdy species tae grow on Ellesmere Island.[2]

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