Elizabeth Taylor

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Elizabeth Taylor
Taylor, Elizabeth posed.jpg
Studio publicity photo
Born Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor
Februar 27, 1932(1932-02-27)
Hampstead Garden Suburb, Lunnon, Ingland, UK
Died Mairch 23, 2011(2011-03-23) (aged 79)
Los Angeles, Californie, USA
Cause o daith
Congestive heart failure
Restin place
Forest Lawn Memorial Pairk, Glendale, Californie
Naitionality Breetish-American
Ither names Liz Taylor
Thrift Actress, social activist
Years active 1942–2003
  • Michael Howard Wilding
  • Christopher Edward Wilding
  • Elizabeth Frances "Liza" Todd Burton
  • Maria Burton
Relatives Howard Taylor (aulder brither)

Dame Elizabeth Rosemond "Liz" Taylor, DBE (Februar 27, 1932 – Mairch 23, 2011) wis a Breetish-American[2] actress. Frae her early years as a bairn starn wi MGM, she acame ane o the great screen actresses o Hollywid's Gowden Age. As ane o the warld's maist famous film starns, Taylor wis recognised for her actin ability an for her glamorous lifestyle, beauty, an distinctive violet een.

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