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Elisha Kent Kane
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Assistant Surgeon Elisha Kent Kane
Born 28 Februar 1820(1820-02-28)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvanie
Dee'd 16 Februar 1857(1857-02-16) (aged 36)
Havana, Cuba
Buried at Laurel Hill Seemetry; Philadelphia, Pennsylvanie[1] (40°00′14″N 75°11′15″W / 40.003889°N 75.1875°W / 40.003889; -75.1875Coordinates: 40°00′14″N 75°11′15″W / 40.003889°N 75.1875°W / 40.003889; -75.1875)
Service/branch United States Navy

Elisha Kent Kane (Februar 28, 1820 – Februar 16, 1857) wis an American explorer, an a medical officer in the Unitit States Navy in the first hauf o the 19t century. He wis a member o twa Arctic expedeetions tae rescue the explorer Sir John Franklin. He wis present at the discovery o Franklin's first winter camp, but he did nae find oot whit haed happened tae the fatal expedeetion.

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