Elisabeth o Austrick

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Elisabeth o Austrick
Jakob de Monte 001.jpg
Elisabeth in widow's clothes. Painting bi Jakob de Monte, ca. 1580.
Queen consort o Fraunce
Tenur 26 November 1570 – 30 Mey 1574
Coronation 25 March 1571
Born 5 Julie 1554
Vienna, Austrick
Dee'd 22 Januar 1592(1592-01-22) (aged 37)
Vienna, Austrick
Buirial St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna
Spouse Charles IX o Fraunce,(1570-his daith 1574)
Issue Marie Elisabeth o Fraunce
Hoose Habsburgs o Austrick (bi birth)
Valois (bi mairiage)
Faither Maximilian II, Haly Roman Emperor
Mither Maria o Austrick
CoA of Elizabeth of Austria (queen of France).png

Elisabeth o Austrick (5 Julie 1554 – 22 Januar 1592) wis Queen o Fraunce frae 1570 tae 1574 as the wife o Keeng Charles IX o Fraunce. She haed one daughter who died young.

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Marie Elisabeth o Fraunce (27 October 1572 – 2 Aprile 1578) died young.

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