Elena Gheorghe

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Elena Gheorghe in Moscow (2009).jpg
Elena Gheorghe in Moscow, Roushie in Mey, 2009
Background information
Birth nameElena Gheorghe
Forby kent asElena
Born (1985-07-30) 30 Julie 1985 (age 35)
OreiginBucharest, Romanie
GenresDance, Hoose, Latino
Years active2005–present
LabelsCat Music, Major
Associate actsMandinga, Laurentiu Duta, Dony
Notable instruments

Elena Gheorghe (born 30 Julie 1985; Romanie pronunciation: [eˈle.na ˈɡe̯orɡe]) is a Romanie sangster o Aromanie strynd. She wis born tae a Priest an his wife in the veelage o Clinceni next tae Bucharest. She stairtit her muisical career as pairt o a duo alang wi Adela Popescu. In the first hauf o the 2000s she jynt Laitin group Mandinga wi whom she released a couple o albums an a few hit singles. In 2006 she separatit frae the group an pursued her solo career. She released twa albums an scored a top ten in the Romanian Top 100 wi the debut single "Vocea ta" (Your Voice).

Efter an internal selection, Gheorghe wis elected tae represent Romanie in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 wi the sang "The Balkan Girls" written bi Laurentiu Duta. She came seicont in the votin result, but as the jury votit for her, she wan the Naitional Feenal. At Eurovision, in Moscow she qualifee'd for the Grand Feenal whaur she came the nineteent efter accumulatin a tot o 40 pynts (12 pynts frae Moldovae). Efter Eurovision she became mair famous Europe-wide an released her signatur sang "Disco Romancing" which wis a smash hit in Romanie as well as a top-ten in Hungary an a mild success in Czech Republic, Netherlands, Poland an Slovakie. The follaein single "Midnight Sun" wis a top-ten success in the Dutch Top 40 an in the Romanian Top 100. In 2011 she collaboratit wi Dony an released the single "Hot Girls" which ance again chairtit throuoot Europe. The same year she haed her first European tour, gettin tae Germany, Spain an Greece. In the simmer she got engagit tae her producer an afore Christmas she gae birth tae a boy namit Nicolas.

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