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In pheesics, the electron volt (seembol eV; an aa written electronvolt[1][2]) is a unit o energy equal tae approximately 1.6×10−19 joule (seembol J). By defineetion, it is the amoont o energy gained (or lost) bi the charge o a single electron moved across an electric potential difference o ane volt. Thus it is 1 volt (1 joule per coulomb, 1 J/C) multiplied bi the elementary charge (e, or 1.602176565(35)×10−19 C). Tharefore, one electron volt is equal tae 1.602176565(35)×10−19 J.[3] Historically, the electron volt wis devised as a staundart unit o measur through its uisefuness in electrostatic pairticle accelerator sciences acause a pairticle wi charge q haes an energy E = qV efter passin through the potential V; if q is quotit in integer units o the elementary charge an the terminal bias in volts, ane gets an energy in eV.

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