Eleanor o Aquitaine

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Eleanor o Aquitaine
Church of Fontevraud Abbey Eleanor of Aquitaine effigy.jpg
Eleanor's effigy at Fontevraud Aibey
Duchess o Aquitaine
Ring 9 Apryle 1137 – 1 Apryle 1204
Predecessor William X
Successor John
Queen consort o the Franks
Tenur 1 August 1137 – 21 Mairch 1152
Queen consort o Ingland
Tenur 25 October 1154 – 6 Julie 1189
Coronation 19 December 1154
Born 1122
Dee'd 1 Apryle 1204 (aged c. 81/82)
Poitiers, Angevin Empire
Buirial Fontevraud Aibey, Fontevraud
Spouse Louis VII o Fraunce
(m. 1137; annulled 1152)

Henry II o Ingland
(m. 1152; d. 1189)
Marie, Coontess o Champagne
Alix, Coontess o Blois
William IX, Coont o Poitiers
Henry the Young Keeng
Matilda, Duchess o Saxony
Richard I, Keeng o Ingland
Geoffrey II, Duke o Brittany
Eleanor, Queen o Castile
Joan, Queen o Sicily
John, Keeng o Ingland
Hoose Ramnulfids
Faither William X, Duke o Aquitaine
Mither Aénor de Châtellerault
Releegion Roman Catholicism

Eleanor o Aquitaine (French: Aliénor d'Aquitaine, Éléonore, Laitin: Alienora; 1122  – 1 Apryle 1204) wis Queen consort o Fraunce (1137–1152) an Ingland (1154–1189) an Duchess o Aquitaine in her awn richt.