Elamite leid

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Tablet o Elamite script
Native tae Elamite Empire
Region Middle East
Era ca. 2800–300 BC
Early forms
leid o Proto-Elamite?
Leid codes
ISO 639-2 elx
ISO 639-3 elx
Glottolog elam1244[1]

Elamite is an extinct leid spoken bi the auncient Elamites. Elamite wis a leid uised in present-day sooth-wastren Iran frae 2800 tae 550 BC. The last written records in Elamite appear aboot the time o the conquest o the Achaemenid Empire bi Alexander the Great. Elamite haes na demonstrable relatives an is uisually conseedert a leid isolate. The lack o established relatives is ane reason that interpretation o the leid is difficult.[2]

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