Eilean Mullagrach

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Eilean Mullagrach
Eilean Mullagrach is locatit in Hieland
Eilean Mullagrach
Eilean Mullagrach
Eilean Mullagrach shown athin Hieland, Scotland
Coordinates Coordinates: 58°2′50.17″N 5°27′39.82″W / 58.0472694°N 5.4610611°W / 58.0472694; -5.4610611
Physical geography
Aurie 0.53 square kilometres (0.20 sq mi)
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Kintra Scotland
Cooncil aurie Hieland

Eilean Mullagrach is a island in the Simmer Isles o Scotland.[1] It is locatit in Hieland cooncil aurie, in the northwastren pairt o the kintra, 800 km northwast o the Breetish caipital Lunnon.

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