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Nae tae be confused wi Eebreer.
Jeremy Cadot's eyebrow.jpg
A man's eebrou an ee
Laitin supercilium
MeSH Eyebrows
TA A15.2.07.023
FMA 54237
Anatomical terminology

The eebrou, an aa cried the eebree, bree, or brou, is an aurie o thick, delicate hairs abuin the ee that follaes the shape o the lawer margin o the brow rigs o some mammals. Eebrous come in mony shapes an sizes, some fowk (generally men) hae thick an bussie eebrows, whauras ithers (generally weemen) hae thinner, mair pyntit eebrous. The eebrous' main function is hypothesized tae prevent sweit, watter, an ither debris frae fawin doun intae the ee socket, but thay are an aa important tae human communication an facial expression. It isna uncommon for fowk tae modifee thair eebrous bi means o hair addeetion, remuival an makup.