Edward Wood, 1st Yerl o Halifax

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The Yerl o Halifax

1st Earl of Halifax 1947.jpg
The Yerl o Halifax in 1947
20th Viceroy an Govrenor-General o Indie
In office
3 Apryle 1926 – 18 Apryle 1931
Monarch George V
Prime Meenister
Precedit bi The Yerl o Reading
Succeedit bi The Yerl o Willingdon
Secretar o State for War
In office
7 Juin 1935 – 22 November 1935
Monarch George V
Prime Meenister Stanley Baldwin
Precedit bi The Viscoont Hailsham
Succeedit bi Duff Cooper
Secretar o State for Furrin Affairs
In office
21 Februar 1938 – 22 December 1940
Prime Meenister
Precedit bi Anthony Eden
Succeedit bi Anthony Eden
Breetish Ambassador tae the Unitit States
In office
Monarch George VI
Prime Meenister
Precedit bi The Marquess o Lowden
Succeedit bi The Laird Inverchapel
Leader o the Hoose o Lairds
In office
22 November 1935 – 21 Februar 1938
Prime Meenister
  • Stanley Baldwin
  • Neville Chamberlain
Precedit bi The Marquess o Lunnonderry
Succeedit bi The Yerl Stanhope
In office
3 October 1940 – 22 December 1940
Monarch George VI
Prime Meenister Winston Churchill
Precedit bi The Viscoont Caldecote
Succeedit bi The Laird Lloyd
Laird Preses o the Cooncil
In office
28 Mey 1937 – 9 Mairch 1938
Prime Meenister Neville Chamberlain
Precedit bi Ramsay MacDonald
Succeedit bi The Viscoont Hailsham
Laird Privy Seal
In office
Prime Meenister Stanley Baldwin
Precedit bi The Marquess o Londonderry
Succeedit bi The Yerl De La Warr
Chancellor o the Varsity o Oxford
In office
Precedit bi The Viscoont Grey o Fallodon
Succeedit bi Harold Macmillan
Personal details
Born Edward Frederick Lindley Wood
16 Apryle 1881(1881-04-16)
Powderham Castle, Devon, Ingland
Dee'd 23 December 1959(1959-12-23) (aged 78)
Garrowby Hall, Yorkshire, Ingland
Naitionality Breetish
Spoose(s) Leddy Dorothy Onslow (m. 1909)
Alma mater Christ Church, Oxford

Edward Frederick Lindley Wood, 1st Yerl o Halifax, KG, OM, GCSI, GCMG, GCIE, TD, PC (16 Apryle 1881 – 23 December 1959), styled Laird Irwin frae 1925 till 1934 an Viscoont Halifax frae 1934 till 1944, wis ane o the maist senior Breetish Conservative politeecians o the 1930s.