Edward Sapir

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Edward Sapir
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Edward Sapir (about 1910)
Born 26 Januar 1884(1884-01-26)
Lauenburg, Proushie (nou Lębork, Poland)
Died 4 Februar 1939(1939-02-04) (aged 55)
New Haven, Connecticut
Citizenship American
Alma mater Columbia Varsity
Kent for Clessification o Native American leids
Sapir–Whorf hypothesis
Anthropological lingueestics
Scientific career
Fields Lingueestics, Anthropology
Institutions Varsity o Chicago
Canadian Museum o Ceevilisation
Columbia Varsity
Yale Varsity
Thesis The Takelma leid o soothwastren Oregon (1909)
Doctoral advisor Franz Boas
Doctoral students Li Fang-Kuei - Mary Haas - Morris Swadesh - Harry Hoijer - Stanley Newman

Edward Sapir (/səˈpɪər/; 1884–1939) wis an American anthropologist-linguist, who is widely considered tae be ane o the maist important figurs in the early development o the discipline o lingueestics.[1][2]

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