Edward Irving

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Edward Irving
Edward Irving.jpg
Born 4 August 1792
Annan, Annandale
Died 7 December 1834
Eddication Annan Academy;
Varsity o Edinburgh (1805-09)
Hauf-marrae(s) Isabella Martin
Kirk Kirk o Scotland;
Catholic Apostolic Kirk (forerunner)
Ordained Juin 1815
Writins For the Oracles of God, Four Orations (1823)
For Judgment to come (1823)
Babylon and Infidelity foredoomed (1826)
Sermons, etc. (3 vols, 1828)
Exposition of the Book of Revelation (1831)
Introductions tae The Coming of the Messiah, an tae Horne's Commentary on the Psalms.

Edward Irving (4 August 1792 – 7 December 1834) wis a Scots clergyman, generally regairdit as the main feegur ahint the foondation o the Catholic Apostolic Kirk.