Edo Castle

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Edo Castle
Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
Edo P detail.jpg
Edo Castle wi surroondin residential pailaces an moats, frae a 17t-century screen pentin.
Site information
Controlled biImperial Household Agency
CondeetionMaistly ruins, pairts reconstructit efter Warld War II. Steid the day o Tokyo Imperial Pailace.
Site history
Biggit biŌta Dōkan, Tokugawa Ieyasu
In use1457–1868, then 1868–1873
Materialsgranite stane, yirdwirk, wid
DemolishedThe tenshu (keep) wis destroyed bi fire in 1657, maist o the rest was destroyed bi anither major fire on 5 Mey 1873.
Garrison information
OccupantsTokugawa shōguns, Japanese emperors an imperial faimily syne the Meiji era

Edo Castle (江戸城, Edo-jō), an aw kent as Chiyoda Castle (千代田城, Chiyoda-jō), is a flatland castle that wis biggit in 1457 bi Ōta Dōkan.

Coordinates: 35°41′18″N 139°45′16″E / 35.688324°N 139.754389°E / 35.688324; 139.754389