Edmund Airnside

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(Reguidit frae Edmund Ironside)
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Edmund Ironside - MS Royal 14 B VI.jpg
Edmund in the early fowerteent century Genealogical Roll o the Keengs o Ingland
Keeng o the Inglis
Ring23 Aprile – 30 November 1016
PredecessorÆthelred the Unready
SuccessorCnut the Great
Dee'd30 November 1016
Oxford or Lunnon, Ingland
BuirialGlastonbury Aibey
IssueEdward the Exile
HooseHoose o Wessex
FaitherÆthelred the Unready
MitherÆlfgifu o York
ReleegionCatholicism (pre-reformation)

Edmund II (died 30 November 1016), uisually kent as Edmund Airnside wis Keeng o Ingland frae 23 Aprile tae 30 November 1016.