Edmund I

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Edmund I - MS Royal 14 B V.jpg
Edmund in the late thirteent century Genealogical Chronicle o the Inglis Keengs
Keeng o the Inglis
Tenur27 October 939 – 26 Mey 946
Coronationc.29 November 939
probably at Kingston upon Thames[1]
Wessex, Ingland
Dee'd26 Mey 946
Pucklechurch, Gloucestershire, Ingland
BuirialGlastonbury Aibey
SpouseÆlfgifu o Shaftesbury
Æthelflæd o Damerham
IssueEadwig, Keeng o England
Edgar, Keeng o Ingland
HooseHoose o Wessex
FaitherEdward, Keeng o Wessex
MitherEadgifu o Kent
ReleegionChalcedonian Christianity

Edmund I (Auld Inglis: Ēadmund; 921 – 26 Mey 946), cried the Elder, the Deed-doer, the Juist, or the Magneeficent, wis Keeng o the Inglis frae 939 till his daith.

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