Edinburgh Central Mosque

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Edinburgh Central Mosque
Edinburgh Trip 3.27.2011 075.JPG
Façade o the mosque
Basic information
LocationPotterow, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Geografic coordinates55°56′42″N 3°11′10″W / 55.94500°N 3.18611°W / 55.94500; -3.18611Coordinates: 55°56′42″N 3°11′10″W / 55.94500°N 3.18611°W / 55.94500; -3.18611
KintraUnitit Kinrick
Architectural description
Airchitect(s)Basil Al-Bayati
Airchitectural teepMosque
Airchitectural styleModren that incorporates baith Scots baronial an Islamic featurs
Construction cost£ 3.5 million
Capacity1,250 (includin weemen) [1]
Minaret(s)1 (an aa 3 touers on the corners) [2]

Edinburgh Central Mosque (offeecially known as the King Fahd Mosque and Islamic Centre of Edinburgh) is locatit on Potterrow near the University o Edinburgh central aurie an the Naitional Museum o Scotland.

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