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The Sun seems tae move against the backgrund starns as seen frae the orbitin Yird. The ecliptic is the path the Sun appears tae trace through the starns. The Yird completes its orbit an the Sun traces its entire path in a little ower 365 days.

The ecliptic is the apparent path o the Sun on the celestial sphere, an is the basis for the ecliptic coordinate seestem. It an aa refers tae the plane o this path, which is coplanar wi baith the orbit o the Yird aroond the Sun an the apparent orbit o the Sun aroond the Yird.[1] The path o the Sun is nae normally noticeable frae the Earth's surface acause the Yird rotates, carryin the observer through the cycle o sunrise an sunset, obscurin the apparent motion o the Sun wi respect tae the starns.

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